Small Business Breakfast

On the crisp morning of September 21st, Broadway Coworking was abuzz with energy and enthusiasm as it hosted a pivotal event for the local business community. Facilitated by The Shenandoah Valley Capital Fund and proudly sponsored by The Broadway Hometown Partnership, Bare Web Design, F & M Bank, The Chimney Rock Chronicle, and Precision Concrete, the Small Business Breakfast Meeting brought together approximately 25 individuals from various local businesses and town government offices.

The primary aim of this gathering was to forge stronger connections among entrepreneurs while engaging in a collaborative exercise to assess the strengths and needs of our local business community.

Celebrating Success

One of the most heartening outcomes of the meeting was the recognition of the myriad strengths that already exist within our local business ecosystem. Attendees were quick to highlight the following aspects that are flourishing:

1. Supportive Local Government: The meeting commenced with a round of applause for the local government’s unwavering support for businesses. This collaborative partnership has created an environment where businesses can flourish, thanks to streamlined processes and accessible resources.

2. The Chimney Rock Chronicle: Attendees expressed deep gratitude for “The Chimney Rock Chronicle,” a community paper run by dedicated volunteers. This publication serves as a vital communication lifeline, keeping residents informed about local events, businesses, and developments.

3. Friendly Business Community: Broadway and its neighboring areas have long been known for their welcoming and tight-knit business community. The camaraderie among entrepreneurs was lauded as a significant asset, fostering an environment where businesses thrive with mutual support.

Asking for More: Identifying Needs

While celebrating the accomplishments of the local business community was uplifting, the meeting also provided an opportunity for entrepreneurs to voice their aspirations for the future. Some of the key areas where improvements were sought included:

1. Talent Acquisition: Finding and retaining skilled employees emerged as a paramount challenge in an increasingly competitive job market. Business owners emphasized the need for innovative strategies and resources to recruit and retain top talent.

2. Networking Opportunities: Attendees expressed a strong desire for more networking events and forums to connect with fellow business owners. Such gatherings foster the exchange of ideas and encourage potential collaborations, critical for growth.

3. Marketing and Accounting Support: Recognizing the importance of effective marketing and sound financial management, entrepreneurs sought additional resources and support in these areas. Access to expert guidance and resources can empower businesses to make informed decisions and navigate complex financial landscapes.

A Promising Path Ahead

The Small Business Breakfast Meeting at Broadway Coworking served as a pivotal step toward strengthening the bonds within the local business community. The open and honest discussions not only highlighted the achievements to be celebrated but also illuminated the challenges that can be surmounted through collective effort.

With the backing of local organizations and businesses our community stands poised to embark on a journey of growth, collaboration, and continual improvement.

Looking ahead, it is evident that Broadway and its neighboring areas have all the ingredients for a thriving small business ecosystem. By working together to address identified needs and building upon existing strengths, this community can anticipate a prosperous and interconnected future.

In the spirit of unity and shared objectives, it is likely that the Small Business Breakfast Meeting will become a recurring event, further cementing connections among local entrepreneurs and ensuring the continued success of businesses in the Shenandoah Valley.


The next meeting will be: October 19, noon, Broadway Co-working (put it on your calendars!). We’re trying to pull together a working lunch. To RSVP please send an email to and let us know Who you are, what business your with and who from your company will be attending!



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