Hometown Stories: Pack’s Ice Cream

Pack’s Ice Cream had its beginnings 26 years ago in New Market. George, (the man you see pictured in the green shirt below) has been their customer since the beginning. He said he almost always gets vanilla, but he looks forward to the $3 he earns on his Pack’s Punch Card each week so that he can get free Strawberry Shortcake on the weekends! George is especially glad that Pack’s decided to branch out to Broadway this summer, and thereby bring his favorite treats closer to home.

Owners, Carol & Daryl Watkins, said the Broadway location offers all of the same products that the New Market location sells and that their ice creams are still only 10% butterfat…just as they’ve been since their beginning all those 26 years ago. Daryl Watkins was a teacher at John C Meyers Elementary School for 13 years and noted how the community was growing and expanding its consumer base, so the couple thought it was a good time to add a second location earlier this spring. The new Broadway location is directly on the side of the parking lot of the Broadway Supermarket located at 241 W Lee Street (Route 259).

One of their most popular items is the “Pack Attack” (similar to a DQ Blizzard) and is offered in a variety of enticing flavors. Keeping with National trends, their most popular flavor is vanilla! Chocolate comes in second and Black Raspberry is their third most popular flavor. The Watkins also alternate between offering Banana and Pumpkin, depending on the season.

Pack’s is open daily from Noon to 10pm until mid-August (when the hours will cut back a little). Each time you visit, you’ll get a new punch on your rewards card that is good for that $3 off your sixth purchase! You receive one punch per visit, except on Mondays when they offer a “double-punch” special!!!

With all the heat and humidity we’ve been having, now is the perfect time to head down to Pack’s!

Hometown Stories: North Mountain Clinic

Between Allison Chupp and her mother, Diana Berkshire, they bring 60 years of experience in the healthcare field to the brand new North Mountain Clinic located at 111 S. Timber Way. As residents of Broadway, they saw a need for a more affordable healthcare option for people without health insurance, or people who have high deductibles, and sought to meet those needs.

Prior to opening the new Clinic, Allison worked as a nurse for 14 years and then went back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner. She has now been a Family Nurse Practitioner for six years. Diana has been a business owner and Registered Nurse for 40 years. Upon coming through the front door, the warm, welcoming smile of Allison’s daughter (and Clinic Receptionist), Emma, both greets and, infectiously, causes you to smile right back.

Dr. Steven Templeton of New Market provides physician services at North Mountain Clinic one day per week. Templeton has been practicing medicine for over 30 years. Steven has worked in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and in Urgent Care.

Co-owners, Chupp & Berkshire offer Urgent Care Services for only $75 per visit. Primary
Care Services are $125, and they provide various Preventative Services for which you may inquire about pricing. The great news for parents of local athletes is that you can obtain a Sports Physical at North Mountain Clinic for only $25! They do not accept insurance, but will happily provide you with the paperwork needed to be able to file on your own.

Upon entering the Clinic, you may immediately notice & find familiarity in the colorful and inviting artwork adorning the Clinic walls. The painter of them all is well-known, local artist W.A. Berkshire (Diana’s husband and Allison’s father).

The entire North Mountain Clinic family looks forward to serving the healthcare needs of
you and your family. To contact them, call (540) 901-2530 or email:

You may also find them on Facebook as @NorthMountainClinic