Hometown Stories: Boss Hoggin’s

Leo Troutman gets by with a little help from his friends. Once he decided he wanted to open a restaurant that offered foods unlike those you can buy anywhere else in Town, the ball began rolling. His fiancé painted all the signs for Boss Hoggin’s BBQ, a local company donated spindles to be turned into outdoor seating, he made the vintage shiplap feel on the interior walls out of old fence posts, and curtains out of tablecloths & PVC pipe. Friends and family have poured their hearts and souls into helping his vision for a BBQ stand become a reality.

Even before they were open, a steady stream of people poured through the front doors each day filled with excitement and anticipation (and lots of questions) for what was coming. That steady stream now exists in the form of hungry customers… lots of hungry customers… so much so that Leo has had a hard time keeping up with the demand!

Leo lives in Broadway and has run Leo’s Auto Repair in Timberville for years. He was motivated to move into the restaurant business by “a lack of food choices in the [Broadway] area” mostly. He wanted a rustic, “reclaimed” ambience and to, then, enhance that feel by playing a variety of 50’s through 70’s Classic Rock. Indeed, once you walk into his restaurant, you instantly feel at home and welcome.

Boss Hoggin’s offers four different types of BBQ sauce and a slew of authentic, homemade sides & desserts. Open Thursday through Monday from 11am to 8pm, they hope to soon open seven-days-a-week.

Leo has been greatly encouraged by the support and encouragement he has received from the community. Indeed, he’s only been open a few weeks and he already has over 1700 “Likes” on Facebook. Since a lot of the enthusiasm is coming from senior citizens, Leo wants those who are elderly and/or disabled (and who are truly physically unable to get out of their cars to come into the restaurant), may call him in advance and he will provide curb service for as long as no one abuses this special service. Leo really wants to help those who need and deserve it, but we all know there are always those who try to take advantage and ruin it for everyone. Leo asks that this curbside service, please, be reserved for those who could not otherwise enjoy his restaurant’s offerings.


466 South Main Street
Broadway, VA 22815
United States

(540) 901-6319


To find out more, visit Boss Hoggin’s on Facebook at (he currently has all 5-star reviews):

Or via their website at: https://bosshogginsbbq.business.site/