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CKC Creations

Craig Taggett grew up in Northern Maine where lumbering & potato farming are the major industries. Taggett then spent 12 years in the Nuclear Navy where he supervised operations of a nuclear power plant and managed radiological repairs aboard many vessels. After leaving the Navy, Craig worked as a maintenance manager for Walmart Logistics and then as a Medical Laboratory Scientist before meeting Kim Anderson, of Broadway, VA, and deciding, as a couple, they wanted to find a quiet, peaceful location to go into business for themselves.

Hence, CKC Creations was born. Once they found their current location at 3828 Mayland Road, they knew they had found everything they had been dreaming of. Beginning in September of 2017, they set to work utilizing their complimentary gifts and talents to make & sell primitive décor, rustic farmhouse-style furniture/furnishings, custom lighting, candles and potpourri.

Craig & Kim will be adding locally produced, packaged-foods to their country store. They have recently added Route 11 Potato Chips to their inventory and hope to soon add numerous other products as well. They have already contacted three Virginia peanut companies and are evaluating them for quality and value. They are also interested in talking with local producers of jams, jellies, and canned & baked goods to see if they would be a good fit for their store.

Upon meeting Craig for the first time, you might be inclined to think you’ve come upon a tall Grizzly Bear, but a few moments in you quickly realize you are in the company of a giant Teddy Bear with a genuine heart for people. Mr. Taggett especially has a heart for those who serve our country and offers an ongoing 15% discount to Active Duty Military, Veterans, Police, Fire, & EMS.

On the two occasions this author has had the pleasure to interview Mr. Taggett, I have noticed that, without fail, Craig bends over backwards in the most compassionate manner possible to meet the needs of his clients… whether they be material or sentimental. I have observed that he consistently goes the second mile to make a wish, a request, or a restored piece of memorabilia happen for anyone who asks of him. In fact, just before I left his store at the conclusion of our final interview, I heard a customer state that she wished a certain candle lantern were actually a plug-in lamp. Without hesitation, Craig cheerfully offered to have just such a lamp ready for her within a few days.

I encourage everyone to check out the CKC Creations “Reviews” on their Facebook Page, but specifically, the following review by “Bobbi Jo” (and be sure to watch the video in the comments that “Bobbi Jo” posted of her grandmother):

To find out more about CKC Creations, check out the following YouTube Video:

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