Vendor Information – Autumn Festival

Times and other logistics:

Vendors should arrive between 5am and 7am. Do NOT set up before 5 am – the police will not yet be there to limit public traffic, and you will be liable for any safety hazards created.

Drive north on Main Street from Broadway Avenue. This is the only entrance point, and the street will be one-way-traffic after 5am. You may NOT drive south on Main.

Volunteers will be at the end of WW Motors to help find your space. Other volunteers will be available after 6am to help unload cards and set up tents.

When you find your space, pull as close to it as possible to avoid blocking through traffic and other vendors.

Unload your vehicle as fast as possible and then IMMEDIATELY move (drive northbound, do not turn around) to a designated parking area BEFORE setting up your booth.

The street will be shut down at 7am. If you arrive late, you will have to pull to a side street and carry your belongings onto Main Street. No vehicles are permitted on Main Street after 7am for the safety of vendors and volunteers.

Please be courteous and considerate of others setting up. Do not park in the middle of the street or otherwise prevent other vendors from moving past. There should be room to pull to the left or right and unload, while leaving the center line free for other cars to come through. Empty your vehicle and move it off the street immediately.

Space numbers will be marked on blue tape between green spray-paint dots that mark the corners for your canopy. They run from 31 at the food truck gravel lot to 110 past the Avon on the east side of Main. Coming back south on the West side of Main, spaces 135 from past Creekside Dr to 215 at Cats Meow. The Antique Car Show is set up from Broadway Ave to where the alley next to Cat’s Meow runs down by the softball field to Heritage Park.

Vendors may park behind the Town Office off Broadway, on the west side of the road in the gravel lot near the softball field; in the lot at the old Backstage Video building near Lee Ave; in the gravel lot across from the post office, and down the hill near the railroad tracks.

We ask that you do NOT park on the side streets Main and Miller – these are reserved for handicapped vendors and customers. The bank parking lot is also for handicapped customers and antique cars.

The businesses at Broadway South, Dr. Rellins and the Bank have asked that we leave those parking spaces for their customers.

Please be sure your canopies are 10X10 straight up and down, and not 12X12 at the bottom. The spaces are measured 10X10.

If there is an empty space next to you, it is either to leave an opening for a Main Street business, because there is a fire hydrant that needs to stay clear, or because someone is running late or has cancelled. Please do not assume you can expand into this space – check with me if this happens!