2021 Broadway-Timberville Autumn Festival Antique Car Show

Wayne Roadcap

This years attendance of the Broadway-Timberville Autumn Festival’s Antique Car Show was exceptional! Car collectors and enthusiasts brought out some amazingly well restored and cared for vehicles.Hot rods, convertibles, sedans and vans lined main street on this beautiful September day.

People of all ages browsed through rows of cars admiring, sharing stories and often chatting with the cars owners. Some of the cars where purchased fully restored while others where a labor of love that took months or years for the owners to complete themselves.

Most all of the cars had interesting and unique stories about where they came from and found their way to the show. The trophy winner’s car, a 1960’s model Chevy Biscayne was actually in service as Police car in the Town of Broadway in the 1960’s. After it was taken out of service the car’s new owner, Wayne Roadcap purchased it at an auction and then enjoyed driving it around (fast of course) showing off it’s horse power!

It’s clear that even in 2021 with all of our modern technology the enthusiasm and love of antique cars is thankfully here to stay.

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