Community Supports Main Street Planters

In March, the Broadway Hometown Partnership Beautification Committee asked Broadway residents and businesses to adopt and maintain the planters along Main Street. Within a few days, all 21 planters were adopted!

Volunteers are required to purchase and plant flowers and plants, in addition to maintaining the planter throughout the year.

Special thanks to the following community members for their participation. We’re enjoying the beauty these adopted planters add to Main Street!

Sue Olson

D.D. Hulvey-Sellers

Sunset Drive UMC Youth

Peggy Grandle

Betty Melillo

Becky Chandler

Dawn & Chad Comer

Judy Derrow

Libby & Beka

Promise Cook

Lysal Showalter

Cari Orebaugh

Debbie Ritchie – A New Era Salon

Dawn Murray –  The Village Arts Center

Broadway Farmers Market