2016 Annual Report

The 2016 Annual Report was presented to Broadway’s Town Council last week.

Highlights include the new branding, marketing strategy, and goals for 2017 – including our very own permanent LOVE sculpture!

At the Annual meeting in January we voted in a new Vice President, Treasurer, and a couple of new Board Members:

2017 Directors and Officers:

  • CeCe Dodd, Executive Director; Broadway Farmers Market
  • Chris Weaver, President; Lantz Construction
  • D.D. Hulvey-Sellers, Vice-President
  • Peggy Grandle, Secretary
  • Eddie Long, Treasurer
  • Kyle O’Brien, Town Manager
  • Fred Olsen, Town Council
  • Mary Post, Carpet Tech
  • Chad Comer, Blue Ribbon Nursery
  • Christa Gitchell, Gitchell’s Photography
  • Paul Arnold, VTO Saddlery
  • Cari Orebaugh, Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce
  • Bob Harris, Bob Harris DDS

Click BHP2016AnnualReport to view the PDF.

The Great Broadway Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 8th, 11am

Those of you who attended last year’s Easter Egg Hunt at the Broadway Community Center will agree that we have outgrown the space and needed to find another option for this year’s event. John C. Myers Elementary to the rescue! Mrs. Roadcap and the PTA have generously agreed not only to allow us use of the school, but to help put the event together and run it with us. As requested by parents last year, the craft stations will be more spread out (inside the school cafeteria), the age group egg hunt locations more defined (0-3 soccer field 1, 4-6 soccer field 2, 7 and up on the playground) and there will be more adult supervision of the egg hunts to ensure each child gathers a fair amount of eggs for their baskets.

If you would like to be one of these awesome volunteers, please email bhp@broadwayhometownpartnership.org or fill out the linked volunteer form HERE.

We hope you join us this year for what is guaranteed to be the biggest, greatest Easter Egg hunt we’ve had!