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Broadway - a growing town in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.

Since 2001, BHP has been working in the Broadway community to ensure our town is beautifully kept, intentional about economic development, and holds enjoyable events for residents and visitors alike.

Arts & Entertainment

Live Theater, music, culture and fun for all ages.


Broadway is home to many small businesses both on Main Street and throughout town.

Food & Dining

Residents feast on a variety of restaurants, BBQ Chicken and community dinners.

Professional Services

Accountants, Electricians, Plumbers, Web Design and more.

Health Care

Doctors, Dentists, Therapy & and other services that preserve and improve heath.

Community Market

Held each Saturday during the spring, summer & early fall.

family Friendly Events

BHP hosts a number of community events to increase retail traffic and create memories for the people who call this town home. These events, in combination with the town’s athletic and academic pride, make Broadway a strong family community.

Our 2024 Events

Check out our many different events happening all throughout the year. All events are subject to change. 

Be A Volunteer

 Fellowship and community are a big part of what makes BHP successful. Join us as a volunteer!

Broadway Strong

Learn more about the history of Broadway and the many reasons we’re proud to call this town our home. 

Broadway's Physical Beautification

BHP makes our town more attractive by helping building owners renovate their buildings, filling vacant buildings and working with the town on beautification efforts.

Broadway is home to two beautiful parks with room to run and play or stroll and relax. Each year the BHP board, along with a team of volunteers, works to keep these parks looking their best! Join us for park planning meeting or clean up day projects.

An attractive Main Street is important to making visitors feel welcome and residents proud of the community. Have an idea for a project? Submit it here!

Businesses and homeowners can play an important role in keeping Broadway beautiful. If you want to help make this happen, financial assistance and volunteers may be available.

Contact us via email and let us know what’s on your mind!


Give a donation of your time or money to help get these upcoming projects done.

  • Pollinator Garden
  • Park Clean Up Day
  • Mural Painting
  • Create a Community Sign Initiative.
  • Urban Apple, Pear & Berry Orchard
  • Community Vegetable Garden

what our volunteers are saying

Together we help our community thrive. Contact us for information about joining the board, or helping with committees and events!

Eddie Long

Board Member & Treasurer

I've always cared about my community and would encourage YOU to bring your talents and energy and be part of BHP's volunteer team!

Canessa Collins

Board Member

Serving as a BHP Board Member has allowed me to contribute to making my community it's best and build some amazing friendships.

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